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Back in January, like almost every other American, I set myself some goals and resolutions for the new year. These varied in scope, from mastering American Sign Language by the end of 2020 (a goal that I have not even begun), to exercising at least two times each week (this one's been off-and-on since the start of the year).

One of these goals was to start a blog. I've blogged in the past, but I often gave up on those projects after a month or two. I'd be greatly invested into a particular subject, only to find the subject less inviting after few weeks. As such, I was not extremely keen to start blogging once again, because - frankly - who knows how long I'll keep this up? Two months? Two weeks? Two days? So I put this goal off without the likelihood of even investigating the idea of setting up a blog - until March 2020.

2020 has been an insane year. For those of you living under a rock (and disconnected from everybody, and if the rock is on Mars), you know that there have been numerous insane events that have happened in the past six months. First, there was COVID-19. Then there were murder hornets. Then came the issue of racism and police brutality. It seems like with every passing day, the world becomes more divisive, ready to simply collapse inwardly as society prepares for the zombie apocalypse (let's be honest...this is the only way I can see us celebrating on December 31st). Because of all of these events, I've hd a lot of time to stay at home and get trapped in my thoughts. I spent a lot of this time thinking, recording, journaling, and talking with friends, family, experts, and others on topics ranging from how effective face masks actually are, to the ways by which we can teach young children about diversity and racism.

With the amount of work that I poured into these topic areas, it only seemed appropriate that I share my opinions, thoughts, and research with the world...or at least the three-and-a-half people who visit my website. So...now we're here. You have navigated to my blog from somewhere in cyberspace, and I am here - at my computer (or work, or Starbucks, or binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine), recording my thoughts and research for everyone to see. There are three blogs on this site, set-up to hopefully decrease the amount of clutter that I find piling up when I make my notes and write these long essays:

  • The Main Blog: Well...this is probably the most self-explanatory one of the bunch. This is where you'll find all of my more general postings. Whether it's research I've done on face masks and COVID-19, opinions on what is happening in the world today, or even a general update about my life, they'll all be here.

  • Bible Corner: Anything with a background in my faith will be here. I find myself writing notes, devotionals, and other content all the time. I figure these tidbits could be helpful to someone out there on the World Wide Web. Someone who needs hope or encouragement. As a result, voila. Welcome to church...or at least my digital journal.

  • Roadside Reads: I. LOVE. TRAVEL. As much as I love living in Southern California, there is something really special about leaving the Southland and exploring various other parts of the region, state, country, and world. Here, you'll find my notes from the road, tracks, seas, and sky; reviews of places I go, people I meet, and anything else related to escapism.

Anyways, that's a little bit about my world here at my website. I sincerely hope that this blog leads to some discussion, some exploration of the self, some soul-searching, and some immature humor on my part. Let's see if I can make this thing last more than a few months. And - by the way - I always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. So please feel free to email me if you have any thoughts, or comment on my blog. With that, thanks for coming and reading this post! Bon voyage!


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